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Contract award notices


4 May

167189-2017: Media relations and outreach — information events for the media, PO/2016-12/A2

19 April
146566-2017: Belgium-Brussels: Provision of transmission services

8 April
131580-2017 - Sweden-Stockholm: Catering services for the European Commission Representation in Sweden and the European Parliament Information Office in Sweden

31 March
119611-2017 - Ireland-Dublin: Media services — online communication consultancy service

3 March
79855-2017 - Slovenia-Ljubljana: Information services and assistance to communication activities for the EU Information Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia

18 February
62685-2017 - Austria-Vienna: Supply of media consultancy services to the Representation of the European Commission in Austria — PO/2016-14/VIENNA

11 February
53319-2017 - Romania-Bucharest: Educational campaign on EU topics, PO/2016-03/BUC

19 January
19121-2017 - Italy-Rome: Recording, editing, production and distribution of video and radio programmes for the European Commission Representation in Rome — PO/2016-07/ROM

3 January
39-2017 - Belgium-Brussels: Impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation-related services in the field of communication activities — PO/2016-06/01


31 December
465526-2016 - France-Paris: Provision of external consultancy services as regards press relations PO/2016-09/PAR

31 December
465524-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Provision of reception and handling services for the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium, PO/2016-08/BXL

14 December
438689-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Provision of services linked to the organisation of corporate communication events, PO/2016-05/A2

17 November
403901-2016 - Finland-Helsinki: Provision of assistance services for the information centre of the European Commission Representation in Finland: PO/2016-10/HEL

20 October
366396-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Audio-photo-video-multimedia laboratory work and related supplies and services

14 July
241007-2016 - Cyprus-Nicosia: Organisation and management of an annual national school competition, PO/2016-02/NIC

13 July
238950-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Framework contract for the supply of impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation-related studies; compliance assessment and evaluation of communication activities

12 July
237125-2016 - Ireland-Dublin: Broadcast services to provide EU-related news for local and community radio stations in Ireland — PO/2015-25/DUB

7 June
192174-2016 - United Kingdom-London: Interinstitutional call for tenders for security guard and reception/switchboard services for the EU House in London, United Kingdom

1 June
185167-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Framework service contract PO/2015-23/A3: media analysis services for the European Commission

14 May
165669-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Media relations and outreach — information events for the media, PO/2016-04/A2

2 April
111742-2016 - Latvia-Riga: Information services and support to communication activities of the EU House Information Centre in Riga, Latvia — PO/2015-17/RIG

25 March
100515-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Provision of external speaker services for information presentations to groups visiting the European Commission's Visitors' Centre in Brussels — PO/2015-18/C4

10 March
80768-2016 - United Kingdom-London: Cleaning services for the offices of the European Commission Representations in Belfast (lot 1), Cardiff (lot 2) and Edinburgh (lot 3)

5 February
39316-2016 - Portugal-Lisbon: Provision of information and communication services for the ‘European Public Space’ of the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Information Office in Lisbon, Portugal

21 January
19643-2016 - Belgium-Brussels: Multiple framework contract for the provision of services linked to the organisation of information and communication campaigns, PO/2015-16/A2

Before 2016

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