The forms below are intended to help you in communicating to the Commission departments, who would request you to forward your legal or banking co-ordinates, so that those can be recorded in the "Legal Entity File (LEF)" and in the "Bank Account File (BAF)".

Under the terms of the regulatory provisions mentioned hereafter, the services with which you intend to sign a financing convention or a contract, and/or which will allocate funds to you, cannot launch awarding procedures for a contract or a subvention, nor can they proceed to the authorisation of payments in your favour, as long as your co-ordinates are not recorded and centrally validated.

Please read these important instructions before filling in the documents!

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The following Adobe-Acrobat forms can be digitally filled in online (then print and sign the form) but you need at least Adobe Acrobat version 8. If you do not have this version you can download it. This version allows you to save a copy of completed form (if you need) on your computer.

If you do not have this software, please

  • print this form
  • fill it in manually
  • sign it

Note: Please note that in case you submit this information via an online portal, the manual completion and the signature of this form might not be necessary. Please refer to the specific instructions provided by the Commission department you are in contact with.

Financial identification

Financial identification

Download the Financial Identification form to communicate the banking coordinates necessary to the authorisation of payments from the EU.

Legal entities

Legal entities

The Legal Entity form for natural person, private companies, and public law bodies necessary for the awarding of EU funding.

Low value contracts

General conditions for low value contracts:

Low-value contracts

The general terms and conditions for low-value procurement contracts.