Commission Decision C(2021)35 authorises the use of unit costs for the reimbursement of eligible travel costs awarded under any action or programme financed by the Union budget under the 2021-2027 MFF period. This page provides two calculators to allow the granting authority calculate the relevant distance for identifying the correct unit cost under point 5.1 of the Decision (Amounts for return air, rail and combined air/rail journey).

The unit cost to be paid depends on the distance between the place of departure and place of arrival. The two calculators below can be used to calculate this distance. The appropriate unit cost for a return trip will be determined by comparing the distance from the calculator to the distance bands listed in the table below.

Rail calculator

For rail travel of more than 400km:

Flight calculator

For flights of more than 400 km:

Table: Unit cost amounts per distance band

Distance Band (in km) Amount in EUR per return trip
400-600 196
601-800 209
801-1200 221
1201-1600 230
1601-2000 295
2001-2500 343
2501-3500 433
3501-4500 527
4501-6000 637
6001-7500 720
7501-10000 961
10001-Max 1.101