European statistics are vital for evidence-based decision making in the EU. They allow us to evaluate the impact of initiatives and assess policy options for upcoming legislative proposals. They enable European citizens to understand and participate in the democratic process, and to debate the current and future state of the EU. They are also broadly used by the international research community.

The Single Market Programme aims to provide financial support for the development, production and dissemination of high-quality European statistics by the European Statistical System in a timely, impartial and cost-efficient manner.


  • Enhanced partnership between Eurostat, the EU Statistical Office, national statistical institutes and other national statistical authorities, as well as relevant external parties
  • Development of new European statistics using multiple data sources, advanced data analytics methods, smart systems and digital technologies
  • Providing funding to improve the comparability and quality of European statistics for monitoring the economic, social, environmental and territorial situation of the EU

Calls for proposals

Calls for proposals for actions supporting the production and communication of European statistics under the Single Market Programme will be published on the European Commission’s Funding and tender portal.

Proposals can only be submitted electronically through the Funding and tender portal.

Information including the legislation and rules for participation, templates for proposals, evaluations and project reporting can be accessed on the Funding and tender portal.

Most grants are awarded, without a call for proposals, by Eurostat directly to national statistical institutes and other national authorities responsible for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics. The up-to-date list of these entities is available on Eurostat’s website.

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