About the fund

The Integrated Border Management Fund is made of two components: the Border Management and Visa Instrument (BMVI), and the Customs Control Equipment Instrument (CCEI).

The Border Management and Visa Instrument will ensure strong and effective European integrated border management at the external borders and support the common visa policy, thereby

  • contributing to a high level of internal security
  • safeguarding the free movement of persons within the Union
  • fully respecting the relevant Union acquis
  • fully respecting the international obligations of the Union and the Member States

The BMVI is governed by the Common Provisions Regulation.

The new Customs Control Equipment Instrument will help to equip Member States with state-of-the-art customs control equipment with a view to contributing to adequate and equivalent results of customs controls.

The CCEI specifically provides financial support to the customs authorities of European Union Member States for the transparent purchase, maintenance and upgrade of customs control equipment. This includes innovative detection technology equipment for border crossing points, inland customs offices and mobile customs units, such as

  • x-ray scanners
  • automated number plate detection systems
  • other non-intrusive soft detection equipment
  • a variety of customs laboratory equipment for goods analysis

This financial support can also encompass

  • testing of new equipment or new functionalities in operational conditions
  • introductory staff training included in the purchase contracts
  • software and software updates directly necessary to use the customs control equipment

Funding opportunities

Calls for proposal BMVI

Check the open and upcoming calls for proposal under the Border Management and Visa Instrument:

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Calls for proposal CCEI

The Customs Control Equipment Instrument regulation does not envisage an open call for proposals, the invitations to apply will only be addressed to the pre-defined beneficiaries, which are the customs authorities of the EU Member States.

See in Funding & tenders portal

How to apply for BMVI

Learn how to propose a project, and how the project selection process works for the Border Management and Visa Instrument.

Impact and performance

Budget and performance

Includes performance highlights, key performance indicators, and the performance framework and assessment.

Programme features

  • Management mode

    Shared, direct and indirect management

  • Climate contribution

    No target set in the legal basis

  • MFF heading

    Migration and Border Management

  • Total budget 2021-2027

    € 7.39 billion (current prices)

  • Cluster

    Border Management


Internal Security Fund – Borders

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