The Gulf Cooperation Council countries – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman – are important recipients of EU agricultural exports.

The EU exports mainly:

  • cereal preparations 
  • cigars and cigarettes
  • dairy products 
  • odoriferous substances 
  • cereals (mainly barley and wheat)
  • chocolate and sugar confectionery
  • food preparations.

Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) are a major destination for EU exports of barley, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

EU imports from GCC are rather negligible and mainly consist of:

  • animal or vegetable oils
  • live animals.

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Other Middle East countries

The main exported products to other Middle East countries – Iran, Iraq and Yemen – include:

  • cigars and cigarettes
  • wheat
  • cereal preparations
  • preparations used in animal feeding
  • dairy products
  • poultry meat.

The import side is dominated by:

  • nuts (mainly pistachios from Iran)
  • raw hides and skins
  • animal products (unfit for human consumption)
  • fresh or dried fruits.

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Agri-food trade statistics

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