Detailed information related to policy on market intervention, trade measures and the protection of farmers and the agricultural sector.


Information on trade and markets, including balance sheets, presentations and factsheets.

Oilseeds and protein crops

Information on prices, production, balance sheets, markets and the development of plant proteins in the EU.


Policy, production quotas, pricing, international trade and market information.

Olive oil

Detailed information related to olive oil production and EU producers, legal bases, market monitoring, and committees.


Support and protection of EU grape growers, wine makers, traders and consumers through policy, legislation, labelling, trade measures and market monitoring

Aromatised wine

Information on the classification, policy, legal bases and committees of and related to EU aromatised wine.


Detailed information related to spirits trade, geographical indications, legal bases and committees.


Detailed information related to production, overseas trade, legal bases and committees for hops.


Detailed information on the evolution of EU cotton policy, legal bases, the market situation, and specific cotton study.


Detailed information related to producers and production of EU tobacco, legal bases and relevant committees.


An overview of hemp production in the EU, its different industrial uses, applicable legal rules and support available under the CAP