The task force explained

The growing integration of the European agri-food sector in global markets has created important trading opportunities, but it has also caused greater exposure to market imperfections and increased price volatility. To counteract these negative effects the European Commission creatwed an expert group called the agriculture markets task force.

The task force discussed a number of issues with a view to strengthen the position of farmers in the agricultural food chain. The final report of the task force, including specific policy recommendations, was presented on the 14 November 2016.

The task force consisted of 12 members and met regularly between January and November 2016. During its work, the task force also called on relevant external experts and accepted contributions from third parties.

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Policy recommendations

The task force made a number of policy recommendations some of which were adopted by the Commission as part of its policy agenda. These included increased market transparency, a ban on unfair trading practices and further changes to competition rules which allowed farmers to work together in producer organisations.

Producer and interbranch organisations

The European Union's policy on producer and interbranch organisations.

Market transparency

Combating information asymmetry for fairer markets.

Unfair trading practices

The European Commission strengthens farmers' position in the food supply chain.

Task force members

  • Cees P. Veerman (Chairman)

    Professor of sustainable European-oriented rural development at University of Tilburg and Wageningen University

  • Andrzej Babuchowski

    Titular professor, Faculty of Food Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn; President of the Dairy Industry Innovation Institute

  • Jérôme Bedier

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-General of the Carrefour Group

  • Gianpiero Calzolari

    Coordinator of the dairy sector of Alleanza Cooperative Italiane

  • David Dobbin

    Group Chief Executive of United Dairy Farmers

  • Louise Fresco

    President of Wageningen University and Research Centre

  • Helfried Giesen

    Retired Chief Executive of the Board of the meat cooperative Westfleisch SCE

  • Torbjörn Iwarson

    Independent commodity markets adviser

  • Aniko Juhasz

    General Director of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI) in Budapest

  • Anne Laure Paumier

    Member of COPA-COGECA cereals expert group; Deputy Head of Coop de France (consultant on grain market and risk management)

  • Igor Sarmir

    Commercial relations expert at the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food; Member of the European Economic and Social Committee

  • Esther Valverde Cabrero

    Deputy Director-General for Food Supply Chain Structure, Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Meetings of the task force

  • January 2016

    Initial meeting of the agricultural markets task force

  • March 2016

    Meeting on market transparency

  • April 2016

    Meeting on futures markets, the European Fund for Strategic Investments and financial instruments

  • May 2016

    Meeting on contractualisation and contractual relations between farmers and other actors in the food supply chain

  • June 2016

    Meeting on collective self-help tools and EU regulatory environment

  • September 2016

    Meeting on climate change – challenges and opportunities for farmers

  • September 2016

    High level meeting on milk between high level representatives of the EU countries and the agricultural markets task force


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