The European Commission undertakes frequent evaluations and studies of the common agricultural policy (CAP).

Evaluations are carried out by independent external experts in accordance with EU guidelines and procedures, which enable experts to examine the impact of CAP measures and produce findings that can be used to inform EU policy making.

External studies on topics relating to EU agricultural policy are also produced for the Commission by outside organisations, such as research bodies, universities and consultancy firms.

Evaluation and studies procedure

Evaluations and studies are carried out as part of the Commission’s multiannual evaluation and studies plan for agriculture and rural development. Additionally, the purpose, scope and timing of each evaluation is set out in evaluation roadmaps, which are open to feedback from citizens.

Contracts for evaluations and studies are established through a public tendering procedure. Tender notices and the calls for tender are published on the platform tenders electronic daily.

To ensure that evaluations are firmly embedded in the policy making process and that established benchmarks are met, the Commission has prepared guidelines and a toolbox for better regulation, outlining requirements and best practices for evaluations of the CAP.

The Commission has also established the common monitoring and evaluation framework, which comprises of rules, procedures and indicators that are used to assess the performance of the CAP.

Reports and findings

The reports and findings of evaluations and external studies are listed in seven categories: