CAP at a glance

Overview of aims, history and current rules of the common agricultural policy, supporting EU farmers and Europe’s food security.

Common monitoring and evaluation framework

The European Commission monitors and evaluates the implementation, results and impacts of the common agricultural policy.

New CAP: 2023-27

Key elements of the new common agricultural policy, to begin in 2023.

Income support

Farmers receive income support from the EU budget. Together with market measures and rural development, income support is a bedrock of the CAP.

Market measures

Measures and rules to support and regulate EU agricultural markets, producer organisations, and international agri-food trade and competition.

Rural development

The EU promotes vibrant rural areas. Together with market measures and income support, rural development measures are at the heart of the CAP.

Financing the CAP

The EU ensures that the finances allocated to the CAP are disbursed fairly and effectively.

CAP strategic plans

National level CAP strategic plans will combine a wide range of local and EU-level objectives to deliver targeted, tangible results.

Transitional regulation: 2021-22

The transitional regulation extends most of the existing CAP rules, with additional elements to ensure a smooth transition to the future framework.