How to register

To register the name of a product, EU producers or producer groups need to lay down the product’s specifications and link to the geographical area, if applicable. The application is sent to national authorities for scrutiny and then forwarded to the European Commission, who will examine the request.

For non-EU products to be registered, producers send their applications directly, or via their national authorities, to the European Commission.

For spirit drinks and agri-food products, the European Commission has a maximum of 12 and 6 months respectively to examine the application and decide if the product will be protected under the quality scheme requested. As for wine, there is no deadline for the application examination.

Applications for food and agricultural products

Applications for wine products

Applications for spirit drinks

Privacy statement

Applicants are advised to exclude all personal data (including persons names, personal telephone numbers and email addresses). Any personal data that is included is deemed to have been supplied pursuant to a legal process is susceptible to due treatment for the purposes of managing a geographical indication application and is liable to publication.

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How to oppose

EU and non-EU producers, national authorities and the European Commission can oppose or cancel the registration of a product name under a quality scheme.

The opposition can be raised from the moment the product is registered, and for a period of three months. If the opposition is valid, the two parties involved (the party opposing the registration and the group of producers registering the product) should consult each other to find a solution. If no agreement is reached, the Commission takes the final decision on cancelling the registration or not.

Cancelling the registration of a product name is a possibility when compliance with the product specifications are no longer ensured.

It is also possible to cancel the registration of a product name (only for food) when no registered product name (as PDO, PGI or TSG) has been put on the market for seven consecutive years.

Opposition and cancellation forms for food and agricultural products

Opposition and cancellation forms for wine products

Opposition and cancellation forms for spirit drinks