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Gyulai kolbász or pároskolbász PGI snack

Recipe using an award-winning and traditionally-prepared delicacy. Sample this Hungarian sausage's pleasantly smoky and spicy fragrance.

Kalix Löjrom PDO on creamy mashed potatoes

Recipe inspired by nature using vandace roe, which are the eggs of the small salmonid fish species sourced from the Gulf of Bothnia.

Riso Nano Vialone Veronese PGI with red cabbage and smoked fish

Red cabbage and smoked fish combine with Riso Nano Vialone Veronese PGI to create a risotto that catches the eye and pleases the tongue.

Kraški pršut PGI and goat cheese toast flavoured with caramelised onions

Bring out the delicious dry-cured flavours of Kraški pršut PGI by combining it with goat’s cheese, tender onions and tangy vinaigrette.

Asperges du Blayais PGI asparagus fries

Recipe inspired by the tender and sweet flavour of Asperges du Blayais PGI asparagus, bringing together fresh ingredients for a tasty dish.

Stuffed peppers with bulgur and Telemea de Sibiu PGI

Piquant peppers provide the perfect accompaniment for the charming, mellow flavour of this traditional Romanian sheep’s cheese.

Pappardelle with Allgäuer Bergkäse PDO, sweet potatoes and hazelnuts

Recipe with German Allgäuer Bergkäse PDO cheese adding the special touch of flavour that makes all the difference in this original dish.

Burrata on a salad bed flavoured with Strandzhanski manov med PDO honey

Wild forest honey from Bulgaria is combined with creamy burrata to create a sweet, smooth salad dressing.

Fava Santorinis PDO married with capers and red onions

Quick and easy to cook, this recipe brings out the smooth sweetness of Fava Santorinis PDO.

Chicory heads wrapped in Jambon d'Ardenne PGI

Recipe inspired by the Belgian culinary culture. Discover a ham infused with the flavours of the Ardennes microclimate.

Orange and polenta cake with Montes de Toledo PDO olive oil

Recipe to bake a delicious cake using Montes de Toledo PDO olive oil and a range of fresh and zesty ingredients.

Suska sechlońska PGI prune energy balls

Traditional smoked prunes are rolled together with cashews, cocoa powder and coconut flakes to create little balls of taste and energy.

Loukoumi Geroskipou PGI macarons

Loukoumi Geroskipou PGI is squeezed between two halves of a macaron to create this delicate and delightful treat.

Marinated whitefish with Estonian Vodka GI

Recipe blending the flavour of this smooth-tasting spirit drink and Estonia’s interesting geographical position.