Organics at a glance

At a glance information on EU organic policy, the organic logo and legislation relating to the organic sector, as well as frequently asked questions.

Organic action plan

The organic action plan will drive investment and innovation in organic farmingĀ and boost demand for organic food.

Becoming an organic farmer

Certification and conversion, the support available to organic farmers and where to get advice on best practice.

The future of organics

Information on the new organic legislation postponed to 2022, the consultation that was held about the new law and the action plan for organics.

Organic production and products

Which products can be produced organically, how they are produced and how EU rules on organics apply to different sectors.

The organic logo

Aims of the EU organic logo, rules on how and by whom it must be displayed and downloadable logo files.

Trade in organics

Information on how to import organic goods into the EU and guidance for third country control bodies.

Legislation for the organics sector

The European Commission has adopted several regulations on the production, distribution and marketing of organic goods.

Facts and figures

Facts and figures about organic farming in the EU.

Co-operation and expert advice

How the EU works with experts, stakeholders and the public to produce better legislation and regulations.

Controls and enforcement

How organic farmers, producers and distributors are inspected and how the European Commission checks the inspection regimes of European countries.

List of organic operators in the EU

Database of the organic operators in the EU and their certificates