Market briefs

Number 17: EU imports of organic agri-food productsdata (06/2020)

Number 16: Global food supply and demand (09/2019)

Number 15: Fertilisers in the EU (06/2019)

Number 14: Organic imports in the EU (03/2019)

Number 13: Organic farming in the EU (03/2019)

Number 12: Risk management schemes in EU agriculture (09/2017)

Number 11: Managing risk in the dairy sector: how futures markets could help (03/2017)

Number 10: Productivity in EU agriculture – slowly but steadily growing (12/2016)

Number 9: Global food security: challenges and options (11/2015)

Number 8: World agricultural production developmentsdata/tables/graphs (11/2015)

Number 7: Regional perspectives on food supply and demanddata/tables/graphs (07/2015)

Number 6: World food consumption patterns – trends and driversdata/tables/graphs (07/2015)

Number 5: Price developments and links to food security – price level and volatilitydata/tables/graphs (07/2015)

Number 4: You are part of the food chain – key facts and figures on the food supply chain in the EU (06/2015)

Number 3: The rapid growth of EU organic farming – key facts and figures (07/2014)

Number 2: Prospects for the olive oil sector in Spain, Italy and Greece – 2012-20 (07/2012)

Number 1: High commodity prices and volatility ... what lies behind the roller coaster ride? (06/2011)

Background data on price volatility


Facts and figures on organic agriculture in the EU – Commission report (01/2017)

Facts and figures on organic agriculture in the EU – Commission report (11/2013)

Impacts of the EU biofuel target on agricultural markets and land use: a comparative modelling assessment – IPTS study (07/2010)

An analysis of the EU organic sector (06/2010) – slide show (12/2010)

Mid-term prospects for the wine sector 2015/2016summary (07/2009)

What caused the present boom in agricultural prices? (05/2008)

The impact of the developments in agricultural producer prices on consumers (11/2007) – update (05/2008)

Economic impact of unapproved GMOs on EU feed imports and livestock production (07/2007)


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