Agricultural and farm economics

A list of outline reports examining specific topics of interest concerning the economy of farms and of rural areas FADN data

Land cover and land use

Information on land cover, changes in agricultural areas, irrigated land, forestry, and areas under organic farming.

Farm structures

Information on the characteristics and trends of EU farms, such as farm size, labour force, and demographics of EU farmers.

The primary sector

More information on the primary sector in rural areas, such as economic growth, population, age structures, poverty, education and employment.

Agricultural and farm income

Detailed information on topics such as agricultural output and input, income of the agricultural sector, and farm income.

Agricultural capital and land value

Detailed information on structures of farms, assets and liabilities in EU farming, net investment, gross fixed capital, and land value and land rents.

Production, yields and productivity

Detailed information on production development, yield development, total factor productivity, and costs of production in the EU.

Price developments in the EU

Information on the development of world and EU agricultural prices over time, price gap between the EU and world prices, and price volatility.

Agricultural and food trade

Information on the importance of agri-food exports to third countries, and details on the impact of CAP reforms on the EU becoming the world top exporter.

Agriculture and environment

Detailed information on topics such as agriculture and soil, climate, air, water, biodiversity, and landscape.

The food supply chain

Details on actors of the food supply chain, distribution of value added, and price transmission.