EU weekly cereals prices – detailed

EU weekly cereals prices – Agri-food data portal

World cereal prices


EU cereals production, area and yield – detailed

EU cereals production,area and yield – Agri-food data portal


Cereals exports and imports (customs surveillance)

Cereals exports and imports data (customs surveillance) – detailed

Cereals exports and imports (Eurostat/COMEXT)

Cereal exports and imports (Eurostat/COMEXT) – Agri-food data portal

Import quotas for wheat, barley and maize

Import duties 2020-21

Abatimento 2021

EU historical series

Abatimento 2020

Abatimento 2019

Abatimento 2018

Abatimento 2017

Import duties 2019/20

Import duties 2018/19

Import duties 2017/18

Import duties 2016/17

Import duties 2015/16

Import duties 2014/15

Import duties 2013/14


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