Sieć danych rachunkowych gospodarstw rolnych

Publiczna baza danych zawierająca kompleksowe dostępne dane, dotyczące struktury i plonów, produkcji, kosztów oraz dotacji i upraw.

Economic reports by country, region, type of farming

Details on economic and financial outline of specialised farms, output by farms, income per labour unit, and comparison of annual farm economy.

Agricultural capital and land value

Description of structures of farms, assests and liabilities in EU farming, net investment, gross fixed capital formation in agriculture, and land value.

Agriculture and farm income

Further information on EU agricultural output and input, income of agricultural sector, and regional differences in farm income.

Farming income support

Figures include share of holdings receiving direct payments, average CAP income support per ha, and share of direct support in agricultural factor income.

Operating subsidies

Overview of operating subsidies in farm income by different dimensions, including all rural developments measures which are not investments supports.