Information on the role of market measures, market monitoring, and the legal bases for the beef sector.


Information on pork production, legal bases, market monitoring, trade, carcass classification, price reporting, regulation of supply of PDO/PGI ham.


Information on an overview of EU poultry, market measures and standards, trade measures, market monitoring, legal bases and committees.

Lamb, mutton and goatmeat

Detailed information on imports, trade, market measures, legal bases, market monitoring and committees for sheepmeat and goatmeat.


The EU has legislated on animal requirements for aquaculture and the prevention and control of diseases for fish and shellfish species.

Game meat

Fresh game meat traded or introduced into the EU must fulfil European animal health requirements, as laid down in EU legislation.

Milk and dairy products

Detailed information on market intervention, milk package, trade with non-EU countries, legal bases, market monitoring and committees for milk and dairy.


Detailed information on the production, trade, marketing standards, market monitoring and the legal bases of eggs.


Detailed information on honey production, national apiculture programmes, budget and legal bases.