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This TEW consisting of a Round Table discussion on the future of translation in light of new technologies (with participation of DGT higher management and language industry representatives), two webinars on translating for the European Commission and a speed dating session with Commission translators will take place in the framework of the two-yearly ‘Tolk-en Vertaalcongres’ (Interpreting and Translation Conference).

Round table discussion 5/3: 13h-14h30

Webinar 5/3: 15h15-16h00

Webinar 6/3: 10h45-11h30

Speed dates 6/3: 14h30-16h


Background information:

The aim of this two-yearly conference is to foster sustainable cooperation between translation and interpretation agencies on the one hand, and freelance translators and interpreters on the other. The conference also aims to further employability of (young) professionals and allow them to meet (new) clients. During the 2021 edition of the ‘Tolk-en Vertaalcongres’, amongst many other sessions, a Round Table discussion will be held on the steps towards a ‘covenant’ (cooperation agreement) between the Netherlands Association of Translation Companies and Dutch associations of independent translators. The covenant contains the core principles of business cooperation between translation service providers and their subcontractors (translators and revisers), and is entirely based on mutual consent. This initiative follows the example of the Hungarian Translation Industry Cooperation Agreement in 2013 and other parallel initiatives in Europe.

Practical information

5 March 2021, 13.00 - 6 March 2021, 16.00 (CET)
Utrecht University - Main University Building
Domplein 29
3512 JE Utrecht,

English, Dutch
Who should attend
Translation and interpretation service providers, National and European associations of translation companies, (Young) freelance translators and interpreters, Translator’s and interpreter’s associations, Language/translation students, (EMT) universities


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