This TEW on language technology will include contributions by professors leading in the field (from EMT universities), as well as practical demonstration of translation technologies. 
Topics will include: 

  • new translation technologies, including for the Lithuanian language 
  • discuss various aspects of language technologies and the challenges and opportunities they entail 
  • promote eTranslation and its comparative advantages 
  • discuss skills and profiles that are needed such as post-editing
  • provide hands-on demonstration of new translation tools 
  • promote translation as profession in the light of technology development

Practical information

Monday 1 March 2021, 9.00 (CET)
Faculty of Philology
Universiteto g. 3
LT-01131 Vilnius

Lithuanian, English
Number of places
Registration fee
Open to the public
Who should attend
Translators, students, representatives of academia, members of translator associations, suppliers of language services (translation agencies, FLs, companies developing language technologies etc.), representatives of language industry, public service