The objective of this one-day TEW is to provide professional translators both on the private market and in the EU institutions with the terminology needed to face their daily translation production on 'green deal' related topics, with a special focus on financing. In this field there will probably be a lot of neologisms emerging in English for which translators will have to find very quickly some French equivalent to be able to translate timely these new terms. 

The event will provide some context on the new policies and draw some conclusions on how to deal with this topic in the French Department of DGT in Brussels.

The TEW will consist of two different parts: 

  • the first one about defining issues and terminological issues will be conducted by experts from the academic world (4 different academic presentations); 
  • the second one will be about how the translators deal with this topic in their daily practice either on the private market or in international institutions (in the form of two round tables: one with translators from the private sector and the other one with translators from international institutions).

Practical information

Friday 6 November 2020, 9.00 (CET)
Université catholique de l'Ouest - Angers

Number of places
Registration fee
Upon invitation, free of charge
Who should attend
Professional translators (in public and private sectors), journalists, students of EMT Masters, academics


  • Bineta Elisabeth Sadji

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