This workshop will be part of a series of workshops on language and technology.

The first workshop (12 November 2021) will bring together Bachelor and Master students in language technology (LT), in translation and language studies, and in AI/IT and computer science, from different universities and faculties, as well as companies developing or using LT, and professionals working in other fields (e.g. public administration). After a one-hour plenary programme presenting the importance of the combination of language and technology and the career opportunities it offers with a keynote and several testimonials from the field, students will work in project groups of 8-10 students on a LT case study under the guidance of the person or organisation who provided the case. There will also be a discussion group and speed courses. At the end of the morning programme, there will be a short plenary wrap-up.

Additional information:

Training offered in the field of language and technology in Dutch higher education - a list of the relevant training courses

Practical information

Friday 12 November 2021, 9.00 (CET)

Dutch, English
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students, universities, companies, public sector