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The Bulgarian Language Department of the Commission’s DG Translation is hosting a 2-hour webinar entitled 'Bulgarian Translation in the Field of Science and Technology: State of Play and Challenges’. It will create a space where representatives of the academia, research institutes, and public administrations will discuss the principles and practices currently applied in terminological work in Bulgaria. We will hear from the official codificator for Bulgarian — the Terminology and Terminography Section at the Institute for Bulgarian Language of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences — about some challenges in the translation of newly adopted terminology in the field of science and technology. The Bulgarian Institute for Standardization will talk about their work which is closely related to technical translation and the standardization of terminology. And the Bulgarian Language Department of the Commission’s DG Translation will present the topic of translation in the field of science and technology as part of the translation of EU legislation. The brief presentations will be followed by a round table for best practices exchange in the field of translation and terminology of scientific and technological texts.

The webinar is targeted not only at translators in the field of science and technology, standardization stakeholders, public administration officials, especially those initiating the largest number of requests for terminological correction of EU legislation, but also a wide range of academia and university students, especially MA and PhD students working on terminology, and freelance translators.


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Thursday 21 January 2021, 11.00 - 13.00 (EET)



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