Are you interested in written Swedish and clear writing? Then this Translating Europe Workshop is for you!

Do you always wish you could express yourself more clearly in writing? Have you ever marveled at the differences between the official written Swedish used in Sweden and the Swedish used in Finland, where it is an official language too? And what about the EU? The European Commission writes – and translates! – texts for the people of the EU every day.  Do the EU writers and translators ever think about clear writing (hint: yes, they do!)?

We will learn more about the long tradition of clear writing in Sweden – Sweden has always been a frontrunner in this area –  and learn about how the Swedish Tax Authorities work with clear language, as an authority that has won prizes for its clear writing.

We will also look at the written Swedish used in bilingual Finland, where most official documents in Swedish are translations from Finnish. How does this language situation and the translation process impact clear writing in Swedish in Finland? A Finnish researcher will give us an overview of the characteristics of texts in Swedish written by public authorities in Sweden and Finland.

Clear writing at the European Commission is a fairly complex task. The Commission works in 24 official languages, which quite naturally affects the way we express ourselves in writing. We will tell you about the Commission’s clear writing work and what the Swedish Language Department is doing on this front. Furthermore, a Swedish researcher will give her verdict on the written Swedish used in the EU.

Apart from these interesting presentations, this Translating Europe Workshop will also be a great opportunity for networking and active participation. In the afternoon, the participants will be divided into smaller groups to discuss clear writing matters in break-out rooms, which will hopefully lead to fruitful new contacts from different countries and work places.

TEW Programme (in Swedish):

TEW Programme: From clarity to clarity – the Swedish Clear Writing discussion in Sweden and Finland and at the European Commission


Participants should register by 2 February at the latest (registration link below).

Practical information

Wednesday 9 February 2022, 9.00 - 16.15 (CET)

Swedish (and a presentation in English about the clear writing work at the European Commission)
Who should attend
Anybody interested in written Swedish and clear writing in particular (translators, interpreters, communicators, press officers, journalists, public servants, teachers, students)