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TEDxParcDuCinquantenaire -TEDx Event- took place on the 5th of March at the Breydel Building in Brussels. A two-hour event with five incredible speakers whose powerful talks and mind-blowing performances explored the theme of ‘Sustainable Transition’.

About TEDxParcDuCinquantenaire

TEDxParcDuCinquantenaire was hosted by a young and passionate team, motivated by love for powerful ideas. The aim was to create a metaphor of the park in which young people sit and discuss ideas about the future, at an equal level to those discussions taking place in businesses and in governments. A place where science, decision making, studying, nature and arts come together.

About Sustainable Transitions 

A transition is defined as ‘The process of changing from one state or condition to another.’ That definition has all too often led us to create the traditional linear economies seen all around the world today. But what if the starting point for transition could be what we think of as an end? What if the end was simply the beginning of something new, a new circle of life, the beginning of a new use? What if the materials we believe nowadays to be worthless and ready to be discarded could become new resources for tomorrow? We live in changing times, where hearing about environmental and ecological crises leaves us with no option than to adopt a circular economy. A revolutionary new economy that is not just an environmental solution and economic opportunity, but is a starting point for a new hub of ideas, for creativity, re-creating, re-thinking not only the use of things but all of our habits and attitudes towards the environment. 


About TED 

‘Ideas worth spreading’: that's the slogan of TED, the global community which believes deeply in the power of ideas to change attitudes, behaviours and lives for a better future. Started with the three main topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED now covers almost all disciplines from Business to the Environment, gathering all the talks on and building a free knowledge platform from the most inspiring and curious of thinkers.

About TEDx

As for the question, ‘How can we best spread ideas?’ TED found the answer in local communities around the world, starting what is known today as TEDx Events. TEDx - where x stands for an independently organised event - is a programme of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience, celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage.



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Practical information

5 March 2019, 18.30 (CET)
Breydel Building
Avenue d'Auderghem 45
1000 Brussels