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The new Official Controls Regulation (OCR), which brings together disperse rules into a single Regulation, offers more targeted, risk-based controls along the agri-food chain.

With its broader scope and new IT based tools, it provides for a modernised, integrated and efficient system to intercept risks related to public health, plant health, animal health and welfare.

With a few exceptions, the new Regulation (and a significant number of Delegated and Implementing acts) became applicable on 14 December 2019.

On the same date, the new Regulation on protective measures against pests of plants also became applicable.

These acts represent major elements of the overall legal framework contributing to the protection of public, animal and plant health in the EU.

The new legislation also makes enforcement more efficient by the introduction of a new computerised system (IMSOC), which integrates existing computerised systems, including the RASFF system.

These new rules and celebrating 40 years of RASFF, the Commission organised, with the support of the Finnish Presidency, the conference “Smarter rules for safer food and plant health” in Brussels.


New Official Controls Regulation

Protecting the EU plant health in a changing world:

40 years of RASFF:

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  • 13 December: 08.00 - 17.00 (Europe/Brussels)

    Conference Programme
    Moderator: Corinna Egerer)

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    Registration and welcome coffee



    Opening and introduction

    • Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety
    • Dr Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, for the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU
    • Anja Hazekamp - Vice Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public and Food Safety of the European Parliament



    New Official Controls Regulation – an overview (including tertiary legislation and RASFF/IMSOC)

    • Bernard van Goethem, Director Crisis management in food, animals and plants - DG SANTE
    • Andrea Gavinelli, Head of Unit Official controls and eradication of diseases in animals - DG SANTE



    Coffee break



    Parallel sessions 1. Panel discussion: Official controls of plants

    • Josep M. Pagès, ENA – European Nurserystock Association
    • Sylvie Mamias, Unionfleurs
    • Pauline Cazaban, Ministry of Agriculture, France
    • Thorwald Geuze, Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, The Netherlands
    • Rosalinda Scalia, Plant health, DG SANTE
    • Hélène Klein, Head of Sector TRACES - IMSOC, DG SANTE


    Until 11:30

    2. 40 years of RASFF: “All you need is RASFF?” – Changes impacted by the Official Controls Regulation - Philippe Loopuyt, Head of Unit Alerts, traceability and committees, DG SANTE

    • Jan Baele – RASFF Head of Sector, RASFF, DG SANTE
    • Leena Räsänen (Ruoka) - Director of Food Safety Department of Ruokavirasto, Finland: “RASFF-case story”



    Parallel sessions 1. Panel discussion: Enforcement of EU legislation

    • Aidan O'Connor, Head of Unit Country knowledge and Enforcement, DG SANTE
    • Ana Canals, AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), Spain
    • Dr. Mary Canty, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland
    • Petr Čejka, Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority, Czech Republic
    • Lina Koufokotsiou, Team Leader - Organic Farming / Control, Monitoring and Supervision, DG AGRI
    • Dr Thomas Jemmi, Deputy Director General, FSVO (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office), Switzerland



    2. 40 years of RASFF: “All you need is RASFF?” – Panel discussion on Transparency - Bernard Van Goethem, Director Crisis management in food, animals and plants - DG SANTE

    • Dr. Rebeca Fernandez - Director Food Policy, Science and R&D, FoodDrinkEurope
    • Karine Jacquemart - Director General, Foodwatch France



    Lunch break



    Parallel sessions: 1. Panel discussion: Official controls – the role of stakeholders

    • Mrs Deidre Webb, FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers' Federation)
    • Paolo Patruno, Deputy Secretary General, CLITRAVI, (Liaison Centre for the Meat Processing Industry in the European Union
    • Camille Perrin, BEUC (European Consumer Organisation)
    • Els Bedert, Eurocommerce
    • Wouter Lox, Secretary General, AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association)



    2. 40 years of RASFF: “All you need is RASFF?” – Cooperation - Jan Baele, Head of Sector, RASFF, DG SANTE

    • Presentation by Dr. Ceyhur Gungor, WHO INFOSAN Secretariat: “INFOSAN: learning from the past and looking to the future”
    • Presentation by Mrs Wipada Saengkham, ASEAN on "Reinforcing cooperation on food safety in ASEAN countries: the ASEAN RASFF network"
    • Presentation by Dr. Georg Schreiber, Deputy Head of Directorate 'Food Safety' BVL, Germany, on e-commerce achievements and prospects



    3. 40 years of RASFF: “All you need is RASFF?” – Smarter data = better analysis - Jan Baele, Head of Sector, RASFF, DG SANTE

    • Presentation by Dr. Ana Afonso, Team Leader Emerging Risks, EFSA on EFSA’s assistance to RASFF
    • Presentation by Dr. Ákos Jóźwiak, National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH), Hungary, “Role of Data Science in Food Chain Safety Decision Making: Current Status and Future Trends”



    4. Protecting the EU plant health in a changing world - Dorothée Andre, Head of Unit Plant Health, DG SANTE

    • Harry Arijs, EU Commission Deputy head of Unit plant health- The new plant health law and awareness raising
    • Almansa de Lara Valentín, Director General for animal and plant health of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture- Member State view on some of the new elements of the plant health law: prevention and surveillance
    • Philip Binard,  General Delegate Freshfel Europe – The new plant health regime: new tools for protecting EU producers and boost trade
    • Maria Bergsma-Vlami, Director of the EURL for bacteriology – the EURLs activities in supporting the effectiveness of official controls in plant health
    • Giuseppe Stancanelli, Deputy head of Unit Animal and Plant health EFSA –Commodity risk assessments, Horizon scanning and survey cards
    • Elisabetta Balzi, Head of Unit JRC ISPRA - Innovative technologies to support early detection of pests
    • Jesus Barreiro Hurle, JRC SEVILLA - Science for Policy in the implementation of Plant Health Regulation
    • Francoise Petter, Assistant Director EPPO – EPPO activities in support of the plant health legislative framework
    • Ralph Lopian, Chair of the International Steering Committee for the IYPH (FAO-IPPC)- Toward the international year of plant health



    Coffee break



    Panel discussion: Official controls and global trade

    • Michael Scannell, Director - for Common Market Organisations for agricultural products DG AGRI
    • Paul Lopez , President- AVEC (European poultry meat)
    • Flavio Coturni, Head of Unit, Agriculture, Fisheries, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Market Access, Biotechnology, DG TRADE
    • Dirk Lange, Head of Unit Multilateral international relations, DG SANTE
    • Dr. Ritu Nalubola, Director of the European Office of the Food and Drug Administration, USA
    • Guus Pastoor, President, AIPCE (European Fish Processors Association)



    Closing remarks

    • Bernard van Goethem, Director Crisis management in food, animals and plants - DG SANTE


    Venue Key:

    • GASP = GASP room
    • JENK = LORD JENKINS room

Practical information

13 December 2019, 8.00 (CET)
Charlemagne Building
Rue de la Loi 170
B-1000 Brussels