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The second high-level meeting of the relaunched Clean Energy Industrial Forum will keep focusing on how the European clean energy industry could contribute to accelerating the manufacturing and deployment of renewables and electrification across the whole value chain to ensure that possible barriers and bottlenecks are effectively addressed.

The role of the clean energy industry will be crucial to achieve a massive accelerated deployment of renewables provided in the REPowerEU plan, which includes a proposal for an increased 2030 renewable energy target, the permitting package – the amendment to the Renewable Energy Directive and a Recommendation with a guidance - as well as the Solar Strategy, which are all key elements of the plan.

Speakers will be asked to provide their views on how the different sectors are adapting their strategies to the new geopolitical situation and what actions they intend to take as a response to the new strategy put forward under the REPowerEU plan. The input and outcome of this discussion will be crucial to help the Commission to concretely implement REPowerEU initiatives and actions.

In order to better structure the meeting, participants will be asked to address specific sub-topics that will be introduced by the moderator. Topics such as the necessary actions to increase the deployment and manufacturing of renewable energy, the role of financing to support clean energy solutions, how to speed-up permitting procedure, the need for sufficient and adequate skills to keep up with the increased production and deployment and demand-side flexible options to accelerate the integration of renewables have been identified for discussion.


The objective of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum (CEIF) is to strengthen the industrial basis in Europe to support the clean energy transition and to consolidate the EU value chain for clean energy technologies, including issues of system integration of renewables. The forum should identify possible obstacles to the scaling up of clean energy products and services, formulate recommendations and identify new actions and initiatives for key sectors and segments of the value chain where EU industries should be competitive at global scale to gain new market shares.

CEIF was relaunched at the EU Industry Days 2021 and held its first high-level meeting on 3 December 2021.

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Practical information

16 June 2022, 11.00 - 13.00 (CEST)
Berlaymont building
Rue de la Loi 200
1000 Brussels