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With the increasing complexity of the knowledge required to cope with economic, social and environmental challenges, the European Commission launched a Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal, a digital hub offering opportunities for researchers and independent research organizations, focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as broader research fields such as natural and life sciences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has mobilized science communities across Europe and beyond and sparked a great deal of data exchange and collaboration. Worldwide, researchers, scientists and experts from all fields of knowledge are working together to confront the socio-economic challenges of the pandemic outbreak.

By enhancing the credibility, legitimacy and access to research data, the European Commission is now inviting global research communities to contribute to addressing the socio-economic aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic, further integrating science with the decision-making process.

Practical information

14 October 2021, 13.30 (CEST)