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How have science, technology and innovation national systems responded to the COVID19 pandemic?

Building on the findings from the OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2021, the event discussed the critical role that research and innovation have played in tackling the COVID-19 crisis, from improving our understanding of the disease to the rapid development of vaccines.

Drawing on new data across a range of science and innovation policy areas, the 2021 edition of the Outlook also sheds light on the challenges that innovation systems face amid the current economic crisis, and what governments can do to improve their resilience and preparedness for future crises.

After the presentation by the OECD on the main messages from the publication, a panel discussion with policymakers followed, on the role of R&I for a sustainable recovery.

This event was co-organized by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate, and intended to provide "new insights for EU policy debates".

Participants were able to be part of the discussions and pose questions to the speakers via Slido.



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12 February 2021, 14.00 - 15.30 (CET)