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The Commission organised a webinar on low voltage direct current (LVDC) and direct current (DC) technologies for interested energy stakeholders (electricity companies, regulators, industries, building companies, academia and others).

The webinar aimed to:

  • take stock of the actual technological development on LVDC and the related applications in different areas
  • highlight the potentialities of applying LVDC technologies in any suited area of the actual electricity grid (industries, in homes, EV charging, etc.) as a valid contribution to the clean energy transition
  • identify the barriers (technical, regulatory, standardisation) for further development
  • collect input/recommendations for further actions

This event builds on the conclusions from 2 previous workshops organised by the Commission:

The webinar presentations are available in a document management tool (CIRCA BC), which is accessible to all.

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Practical information

8 November 2021, 9.10 - 10 November 2021, 12.30 (CET)