Welcome! The Internal Audit Service (IAS) of the European Commission will hold its annual international conference in Brussels on 27 November 2019.

This year’s theme is “From hindsight to insight and beyond - How Internal Audit may contribute to foresight”.

Poster of the Internal Audit Service Conference

We will focus on how (internal) auditors may embrace foresight by taking a more proactive approach in their assurance and advisory roles.

By combining hindsight and insight with foresight, we all might be in a better position to address risks to operations and processes before they materialise. Perhaps these risks may be of a more diverse nature compared to those we have met before. Moreover, the intention is also to arrive at a more advanced integration and cooperation of the three lines of defence, focused on the provision of adequate levels of assurance.

The Conference Team is working on a programme packed with eminent and respected speakers from around the globe.

The full Conference programme will be available shortly. By way of preview, we offer you four subtopics:

  • Hindsight / Insight / Foresight... to look deeper and see further? How may (internal) auditors provide any foresight at all?
  • COSO and the 3 lines of defence model: How can they contribute more to insight (and beyond)?
  • Can (internal) auditors keep pace with stakeholders’ increasing expectations?  What can the (internal) auditors do to stay relevant?
  • Ensuring the right organisation, processes, skills and technology: How do (internal) auditors have to adapt their working methods to deliver and add value.

Our objective will be that you leave the Conference with an enhanced understanding of the challenges that our profession is facing and with new ideas on how to approach your (internal) audit work. Moreover, this event will, once again offer an excellent opportunity for exchange and networking.

The Conference is now open for registration*!

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Practical information

Wednesday 27 November 2019, 8.00 - 18.00 (CET)
Alcide De Gasperi Room, Charlemagne Building
170, Rue de la Loi
1000 Brussels

Interpretation in EN, FR and DE
Number of places
Registration fee
Who should attend
High-level internal audit managers, auditors, representatives from financial ministries and other international organisations
Charlemagne building