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The Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call Info Day took place on 23 September as part of the digital European Research and Innovation Days. The aim was to present the call for proposals, its 10 areas and 20 topics to potential applicants and stakeholders.

Over 3,700 participants took advantage of the online event and tuned in to follow the presentations, which are now available on this page.

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please note we are working to add 2 missing videos: general introduction and topic 1.2.


Implementation aspects of the European Green Deal call

Area 1 - Increasing climate ambition - cross sectorial challenges
    Topic 1.1 Wildfires and Topic 1.3 Regions
    Topic 1.2 Practical aspects of proposal prep
    Topic 1.2 Presentation on cascade funding
    Topic 1.2 Towards climate-neutral cities

Area 2 - Clean, affordable and secure energy
    Topic 2.1 Innovative land-based and offshore RE technologies
    Topic 2.2 Develop and demonstrate a 100 MW electrolyser
    Topic 2.3 Africa partnership

Area 3 - Industry for a clean and circular economy
    Topic 3.1 Closing the carbon cycle in industry
    Topic 3.2 Systemic solutions to deploy CE

Area 4 - Energy and resource efficient buildings
    Topic 4.1 Energy and resource efficient buildings
    Topic 4.1 Renovation wave

Area 5 - Sustainable and smart mobility
    Topic 5.1 Green airports & ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable & smart mobility

Area 6 - Farm to Fork
    Topic 6.1 Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations for sustainable food

Area 7 - Biodiversity and ecosystems
    Topic 7.1 Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services

Area 8 - Zero-pollution, toxic free environments
    Topic 8.1 Zero-pollution and 8.2 Regulatory science

Area 9 - Strengthening knowledge
    Topic 9.1 European research infrastructures
    Topic 9.2 End-user products and services
    Topic 9.3 Digital twin of the ocean

Area 10 - Empowering citizens
    Topic 10.1 Citizen participation for the Green Deal
    Topic 10.2 Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green deal
    Topic 10.3 Enabling citizens to act on climate change

Background information

The Green Deal call is the last and biggest call under the current EU research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

The call tables €1 billion to respond to the climate crisis, provide more protection to Europe’s biodiversity and habitats under threat, and accelerate a sustainable recovery.

The Horizon 2020 Green Deal call was launched on 18 September 2020. The deadline to submit your proposals is 26 January 2021.

Funding & Tenders portal

Press release


Research and innovation for the European Green Deal


If you have any questions regarding this call, please submit your query via the Research Enquiry Service (RES).

Practical information

23 September 2020, 16.00 (CEST)