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On World Food day 16 October 2017 a conference was held in Brussels which built on the successful October 2017 FOOD 2030 High Level Event. Its objective was to both disseminate successful European Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives and to contribute to the ongoing Food Nutrition and Security science-policy debate. The stakeholders had the possibility to discuss and assess the current state of European research innovation and investment in this area, and to explore future needs. The event acted as an important milestone and building block in the preparation of the second FOOD 2030 High Level event to be held under the Bulgarian Presidency in Plovdiv on 14-15 June 2018.


Conference Outcome Report

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Policy Framing Session

Tassos Haniotis, Director for Economic Analysis, Directorate-General for Agriculture

[Speach] The CAP, its Challenges and the role of Research and Innovation

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[Presentation] The CAP, its Challenges and the role of Research and Innovation

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Innovation Session

Walter Van Dyck, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, Vlerick Business School

Managing Innovation Ecosystems

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Carmen Lamacchia, New Gluten World srl

New Gluten World on the Horizon: Propelling Innovation through Public Funding

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Heart Healthy Hoods – project

Video of the Photovoice exhibition presented at the event


Parallel Sessions

Sustainable & Healthy Nutrition

Patricia Iozzo, CNR

Like mother, like offspring – does Maternal overweight predict health outcomes?

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Iris Pigeot, Leibniz Institute

Health trajectories from childhood to youth: Where are the drivers?

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Matthias Kück, Biozoon GmbH

Towards 3D printing of food

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Manuel Franco, University of Alcalá

Policy relevant food research for improving urban populations diets

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Mairead Kiely, University College Cork

Innovative solutions for improving vitamin D nutrition and health in Europe

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Climate & Environmental Sustainability

Luis Narvarte, University of Madrid

Innovative irrigation solution based on low water-energy consumption

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Spyros Fountas, University of Athens

Mainstreaming digital farming for a Climate Smart Agriculture

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César Roda Neve, M3 Systems

Monitoring water-flooded areas for agriculture and environment

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Circularity & Resource Efficiency

Toine Timmermans - Wageningen University and Research

Towards a circular economy in food; the role of public-private partnerships

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Anna Ray Davies, Trinity College

Food sharing and sustainability: challenges and opportunities

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Christoph Glasner, Fraunhofer Institute

Water savings, cost savings and other benefits by separation of mass flows

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Paulus Kosters, GreenProtein BV

Challenges in recovery of food ingredients from vegetable industry by-products

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Shane Ward, University College Dublin

Sustainable techno-economic solutions for the agricultural value chain

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Volker Sieber, Fraunhofer Institute

Development of an integrated biorefinery for processing chitin rich food waste into specialty chemicals

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Closing Session

FOOD 2030: Looking Ahead – Global FNS perspectives and future outlook

Joachim von Braun, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn University

The Food Systems approach – Europe and emerging African and Global perspectives by the Inter Academy Partnership

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Cathy Maguire, European environment Agency

Food in a green light – a systems approach for sustainable food

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K. Angelieva - Bulgarian Presidency

Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

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Food 2030 Conference Speakers

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Food 2030 Conference Programme

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Practical information

16 October 2017, 9.00 - 18.00 (CEST)
170, Rue de la Loi
1000 Brussels