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Discover the Digital Village

The Digital Village is organised along the Digital Compass, with stands, games, quizzes, and activities showing you what the European Commission is doing in terms of:

  • Skills: Better Internet for Kids stand where you can learn about the work we do to make the internet better for kids, and a Code Week stand where you can programme robots;
  • Infrastructures: where you can see Quantum Flagship videos and interactive displays, a model quantum computer, and a Galileo model satellite, Galileo Virtual Reality display, and Galileo holograms;
  • Public Services: where you can participate in an Intelligence Analysis games, kids’ corner and photobooth;
  • and Business: quizzes and interactive videos about competition policy.


And last but not least, our Digital Principles are also open for your exploration in a custom-made computer game, and a quiz at our dedicated Digital Principles stand.

The Digital Village will also have stands covering facial recognition and data protection, as well as the Commissions work with statistics and publications.


Visit the 2022 Europe Day website to discover more information about the day's activities!

Practical information

7 May 2022, 10.00 - 18.00 (CEST)
Rue de la Loi 200
1049 Brussels

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