Together to protect marine life – join #EUBeachCleanup 2021!

Every year in September, the EU organises an ocean-activism and awareness-raising campaign - #EUBeachCleanup - featuring events across the world. Preparing for the UN conference on biological diversity, this year’s campaign is dedicated to protecting and celebrating the rich life of the ocean.

Whilst the key to fighting marine litter is to stop it at the source - using less, recycling more - cleaning matters as well. Check the calendar and join an action near you.

Together, we can turn a drop in the ocean into a wave of change.


European Union

The EU is spearheading global efforts to reduce and avoid plastic pollution, including marine litter. Next to ambitious reuse and recycling targets, EU policy helps reducing single use plastics and microplastics as well as waste from lost fishing gear. The EU also supports related R&D, whilst other actions include fishing for litter campaigns, where EU fishermen are engaged in cleaning up the ocean.

Through its worldwide network of EU delegations (“embassies”) and representations in EU member states, the EU reaches out to citizens worldwide, creating awareness about the issue and encouraging people to take care of our blue planet.

United Nations

In 2015, 193 world leaders adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 14 ‘life below water’. By 2025, all UN member states pledge to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution, including marine debris and nutrient pollution. A global network of 59 United Nations Information Centres are teaming up with the EU to reach out to youth, local partners and all citizens so that everybody can play its part in respecting the environment and cherishing our oceans. Act Now is the UN’s campaign on climate action and sustainability. AWorld’s ActNow app is the gamification platform and App that engages, educates and measures people’s impact selected by the United Nations to support the ActNow campaign.


Blue like the sea and three apples tall, The Smurfs © began life in 1958 as comic book characters created by Pierre Culliford, better known under his pseudonym, Peyo.  

For more than 60 years, the Smurfs have communicated universal values such as solidarity, courage, tolerance, work, respect for nature and the environment. These values transcend age, gender and cultures. It is thus quite natural that the Smurfs are involved in the cleaning of oceans and beaches.

#EUBeachCleanup is part of the #EUGreenDeal.

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