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The 7th Stakeholder Conference of the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) is organised as a series of four morning webinars with an aim of sharing views about the implementation of the Directive and how to enhance it.

The further aim of the event is to inform participants about the new Multi-Annual Work Programme and the ELD Guidelines on environmental damage. In addition to the official programme, several side events are organised in the afternoon, for more details please consult the agenda.

Four broad themes will be discussed in each webinar:

  • “Financial security” – Monday, 16 November 2020
  • ‘’ELD Guidelines on environmental damage” – Tuesday, 17 November 2020
  • ‘’Environmental damage cases. A new perspective from the ground.’’ – Thursday, 19 November 2020
  • ‘’ELD Multiannual Work Programme 2021-2024’’ – Friday, 20 November 2020

Please note that the 23rd ELD government experts group takes place in the morning of 18 November 2020.

7th ELD Stakeholder Conference - Final Report

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DAY1 “Financial security”

Financial Security Study 2019/2020 – Presentation, Valerie Fogleman

DownloadPDF - 290.2 KB

Facilitating enforcement of the ELD, an ongoing follow-up study – Presentation, Valerie Fogleman

DownloadPDF - 270.1 KB

DAY 2 ‘’ELD Guidelines on environmental damage”

ELD guidelines on Environmental Damage – Presentation, Liam-Joseph Cashman and Hans Lopatta

DownloadPDF - 4.3 MB

Draft Commission Notice on ELD guidelines

DownloadPDF - 744.7 KB

Criteria for the Assessment of the Environmental Damage – Presentation, Francesco Andreotti

DownloadPDF - 1.5 MB

Criteria for the Assessment of the Environmental Damage – Final Report

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DAY 3 ‘’Environmental damage cases, a new perspective from the ground”

Improving implementation and the evidence base for the ELD – Presentation, Sándor Fülöp

DownloadPDF - 145.6 KB

DAY 4 ‘’ELD Multiannual Work Programme 2021-2024’’

Multi-Annual ELD Rolling Work Programme 2021-2024 – Presentation, Hans Lopatta

DownloadPDF - 2.9 MB

EcoLexLife project – Presentation, Lea Tomažič

DownloadPDF - 1.8 MB

EcoLexLife project – Layman’s Report

DownloadPDF - 2.5 MB

EP’s Draft Report on the liability of companies for environmental damage

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Streaming sessions

To follow and actively participate to the 7th ELD Stakeholder Conference, please click on Watch the Conference.

16 November :

17 November :

19 November :

20 November :


Practical information

16 November 2020, 9.30 - 20 November 2020, 13.00 (CET)