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The infrastructure to produce, transport, store and distribute energy is inarguably one of the most critical assets for a modern society and a backbone for its economic activities, welfare and stability.

Rendering the European energy grid smarter is necessary for improving efficiency and increasing the share of intermittent renewable energies. It enables consumers to better manage their consumption and to produce and store their own energy. Digital solutions are becoming central to keeping the lights on and the grid balanced. They are a boon to network operators and "prosumers" alike. Digitalization is key to optimize the electrical, gas and oil systems and eventually ensure safety, security of supply and offer more affordable energy services.

But digitalization brings an inherent threat – the more devices are getting digital, smart and connected to the energy and power system, the more do they offer potential access points for cyberattacks to a critical infrastructure. The conference will i.e. give insights into costs and benefits of addressing risks of cybersecurity in the energy sector, show challenges in relation to the possible hacking of smart grids, and highlight best practice examples and will conclude with an expert discussion on how to render the energy system secure and resilient.

The conference is co-organised by the European Commission, the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the German Economic Institute on the occasion of Austria’s EU Council Presidency.

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Practical information

11 October 2018, 9.00 (CEST)
European Commission, Centre Borschette Room OA