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As a direct response to the challenges detailed in the Agricultural Markets Task Force’s report from November 2016 the Commission has undertaken several initiatives. The possibilities for producer organisations have been enhanced with the omnibus regulation of December 2017, the Commission has put forward a proposal for a Directive on unfair trading practices in April 2018 and reflects on the need to increase market transparency.

Against this background, and as a follow-up to the ‘Conference on the role of interbranch organisations in the food supply chain’, the European Commission's department for agriculture and rural development organised this one-day conference.

During the morning session three presentations by researchers and a producer organisation explored which benefits producer organisations can bring to their members and the food chain, e.g. in terms of prices, better marketing possibilities (access to markets), development of quality products and including socio-economic benefits (e.g. role of POs in rural development and more deprived regions). It was further explored which challenges producer organisations meet.

The afternoon discussions were devoted to the interaction of producer organisations with their downstream partners. Presentations from academia and the retail sector explored how the vertical cooperation in the food supply chain can be organised in an efficient manner to create mutual benefits. The discussion was deepened with an inter-active break out session in which the entire audience discussed various aspects of producer organisations in four discussion groups. Presentations are available for download where permission has been granted by the speaker.


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Practical information

21 September 2018, 9.00 - 16.30 (CEST)
Albert Borschette Conference Centre
Rue Froissart 36
1040 Brussels