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The golden rule of energy security is to diversify sources of energy. That means to create competition, and ensure that each country has at least three sources of gas

Vice-President Šefčovič


On 30 January, Vice-President Šefčovič participated in a Citizens' Dialogue in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb as part of the 2018 Energy Union Tour. He had the opportunity to discuss with 90 citizens (mainly students) about clean energy solutions, climate change, energy supplies in Croatia and many other topics.

The students of the University gave the debate a swift kick-start by introducing their concerns about the climate change. On the question of whether the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement does represent a danger for the future of the planet, the Vice President stated "It took scientists some time to convince political elite that climate change is happening.  Climate changes are scientifically proven. The EU has made an enormous achievement through huge diplomatic efforts to tackle climate change together. For the first time in history almost all countries in the world were gradually involved in tackling climate change.

It is also good that climate change is being reported on in newspapers again, since the USA wanted to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. I do not think it will be acceptable for other countries to renegotiate the Agreement. Also, there is a lot of work to be done since we are also communicating with China, India and other counterparts. These negotiations granted us new economic models and researches."

The security of energy supplies to Croatia is of great importance to Croatian citizens. On this subject, Mr Šefčovič reassured the audience about the EUs decision to consider the Energy Union in a broader context. "I saw the potential of Croatia in renewable energy: you can generate 30 GW of energy - of wind and solar energy -three times more than Croatia does now", he said.

On the LNG Krk gas supply it was mentioned; we look at gas as a very important transitional fuel, it is flexible and clean. There is a big attempt to replace the more polluting fuels with gas.

One of the subjects raised by the social media participants was how does the EU tackle the energy poverty in the EU. The Vice President responded that the situation regarding this important issue is different across Member States and we had to see on a country basis what the real situation is. Almost 50 million people suffer from Energy poverty in the EU. Due to the subsidiarity principle, the question is should the EU completely take care of this issue.

The EU part of solution is based on three levels:

  • Proposing social support for people who suffer from energy poverty

  • New rules for people that are disconnected from energy

  • Ensure the energy efficiency by renewing the buildings and houses in order to preserve the energy  but also to reduce the costs

At the end of the debate VP Šefčovič and the audience agreed that the coolest car on the planet is TESLA.


  • 11.30 - 12.30 (Europe/Zagreb)

    Clean energy solutions, gas supply, climate change, energy poverty.

Practical information

30 January 2018, 11.30 - 12.30 (CET)
DV - 3 Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu
Trg. J. F. Kennedya 6