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Citizens’ Dialogue with Commissioner Věra Jourová


The EU may not be considered as a self-understood project. The Europeans have to realise that the EU could fall apart one day. You, young people, should mobilise and say: the EU is what we want. The future is ahead of you and you have to act


On 12 April 2017 Commissioner Jourová took part in a debate with the general public at the Charles University in Prague.

The audience consisted mainly of students and academics at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University, the Commissioner's Alma Mater. Since most of the participants were law students, topics aimed at legal issues prevailed, as well as Commissioner Jourová's portfolio which comprises responsibilities such as the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), data protection and consumer rights. Many citizens and business representatives were keen to ask questions which often concerned their concrete business cases and real-life situations.

Although the law students were not as active in the discussion with the Commissioner as expected, the questions that were raised on personal data protection and consumer rights went into great depth. Participants were interested in the discussed topics and repeatedly stressed their appreciation for this opportunity to debate with Commissioner Jourová.


Practical information

12 April 2017, 19.00 - 20.30 (CEST)
nám. Curieových 901/7, 116 40 Prague, Czech Republic