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Citizens' Dialogue with Commissioner Věra Jourová

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Many of today's challenges - whether in the field of security, digital change or the new "trade wars" - can only be solved together in Europe

Commissioner Věra Jourová

On May 7 2019, Commissioner Věra Jourová participated in a Citizens' Dialogue at the University in Passau, Germany. The event was organised under the title “Europe in Dialogue”.  

About 100 people took part in the debate, mainly students but also local government and municipal officials. Commissioner Jourová shared the stage with Bavarias’s Head of State Chancellery and Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Media, Dr. Florian Herrmann.

The main topics discussed in the Citizens’ Dialogue were the upcoming European Elections, Brexit, data protection,  consumer protection as well as migration.

Věra Jourová opened with a memory of her childhood: “Among the first memories of my childhood are Russian tanks in my street in Prague in 1968 - unimaginable in today's EU”.

She emphasized that we are facing major challenges in Europe: migration crisis, climate change, economic instability, possible trade wars, and Russian propaganda.

On data protection regulations, the Commissioner explained that the EU has the strongest and most modern data protection rules in the world and that these rules set global standards for the protection of our privacy and our democracies.

Věra Jourová appealed to young people to stand for a civilized tone in the digital world and to stand against hate speech online, stating that hate speech destroys democracy and culture.

She also touched upon the subject of the rule of law in Poland, Hungary and Romania. The EU Commission and the EU have various instruments at their disposal to safeguard the rule of law - e.g. infringement proceedings, Art. 7 TEU.

Another subject during the discussion was consumer protection: Commissioner Jourová explained that the Commission is working on improved regulations for transparency in financial services, and the energy sector.


Practical information

7 May 2019, 19.00 - 20.30 (CEST)
Hörsaal 5, Gebäude Wirtschaftswissenschaften,
Passau University