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Citizens' Dialogue with Commissioner Věra Jourová

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Commissioner Jourová launched the discussion by pointing out that, when she hears people criticise the EU she would like “to shout”, because “the EU is made up by all the people who live here; the people who can cooperate and live in peace.”

For her, the main pillars of democracy are free elections and a constitution that is respected and shares power.” She also reiterated that "the rule of law means access to justice for everyone." Replying to questions on the adoption of the "company law package", she confirmed that the proposed package will reform EU company law, making it easier for companies to establish themselves in different EU States. "The adoption of the company law package is very important for business development in the EU", she stressed. On the protection of the online sphere, Commissioner Jourová spoke of a proposed directive urging IT providers who receive notifications from the police about material of a terrorist or pornographic nature, to delete it within one hour.

The Commissioner also specified that the Commission is trying its best to filter out illegal online content without touching the legal content. To prevent serious hate speech or incitement to terrorism/violence without introducing censorship to the digital world. Audience members asked many questions about the implementation of rules on gender equality. Ms Jourova expressed her concern about the fact that "retired women get 40% less money than men. We need to tackle the 'segregation of professions.' Women often work in professions with lower salaries than men or they get less money than men even for the same work done." She also asserted that "Women do not need positive discrimination. They need fair competition."

In Cyprus, Brexit is one of the most debated issues. After Brexit, the Commissioner explained, changes will have to be made to the EU budget. Significant cuts are expected to be made in agricultural subsidies and the cohesion fund. At the same time, she said that the Erasmus+ budget will double, research and development will increase and a new chapter on defence will be created.


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21 September 2018, 16.30 - 18.00 (EEST)
University of Cyprus