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Citizens’ Dialogue with the Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans on the European Green Deal

You can watch it via EBS+ here and also here


"It is my wish that you, young people, see the Green Deal as your deal", the Executive Vice-President encouraged the crowd at the start of the Citizens’ Dialogue that launched the European Green Deal in the COP25 Climate Summit in Madrid on 12 December.

The day before, the 241 engaged young people met at the exact moment that the communication on the European Green Deal was released to discuss and prepare for the Dialogue with Executive Vice-President Timmermans.

The timing was no coincidence. As the room above Chamartin train station in Madrid began to fill, a vibrant atmosphere arose with motivated young people from a range of backgrounds determined to take advantage of the opportunity to have their ideas for a successful climate transition heard at EU level.

The event got going when the three top-voted proposals from the previous day workshops were presented by their initiators (Rodrigo, Víctor and Ana María) to the Executive Vice-President Timmermans on stage in the agora style circular space busting with young people. Their ideas on environmental education for adults, more investment in research and innovation, and a sustainable food plan including labels to help consumers know the carbon footprint of their food were welcomed by the Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal.

He repeatedly encouraged young participants to be part of the Green Deal, saying that the Commission wants to listen to them: "We need your expertise to help us do this right. We need to make sure that this transition is done leaving no-one behind, in a socially sustainable way. You are crucial to make this happen”.

The vast array of topics and the enthusiastic reactions from young people proved the desire for more of this style of participatory Citizens’ Dialogues in which each individual’s voice is heard. Executive Vice-President Timmermans will be bringing the Green Deal to European citizens through Citizens’ Dialogues across the EU 27 member states and has invited Rodrigo, Ana María and Víctor to help formulate the climate pact. 

On that first day of discussions, there was an open space set-up with young people gathering in small beehives in front of whiteboards with sticky notes. Online voting to answer questions saw a sea of phones lighting up for a brief second at a time.

Coloured pens and papers were dotted around everywhere, while formality, chairs and structures were left to one side as participants buzzed around the room passionately talking about their dreams for the future and the Green Deal. Ideas were bouncing off the walls, as the young people discussed and developed in multiple groups and presentations over several hours

Three Commission experts (Yvon Slingenberg, Director of International and Mainstreaming and Policy Coordination in CLIMA, Luis Planas Herrera, from ENV, and Alessia Clocchiatti, from ENER) framed the discussions on 11 December.

The three colleagues presented an overview of European policies and their inevitable trade-offs. Their expertise outlined the scope of the EU’s role for participants, who then began their online voting and open space discussions. The young people swiftly gathered into groups to discuss what concrete actions could be taken by individuals and at EU level to ensure a successful climate transition.

The interactive session with youth representatives ended up with 23 elaborate proposals, which were fine-tuned throughout the course of the afternoon. After 23 electrifying elevator pitches, all 241 participants then voted on their top three proposals to be presented to Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans during the Citizens’ Dialogue at the COP 25 the following day.

On that day, the Citizens’ Dialogue at the COP 25 allowed the young participants to share their ideas and engage in an energetic and inspiring discussion on their already deliberated proposals for the Green Deal.

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  • 11 December: 14.30 - 19.30 (Europe/Madrid)

    11 December

    14.30 Arrival / Llegada

    15.00 Welcome / Bienvenida

    15.15 Introduction - Getting to know each other / Introducción y presentaciones

    15.30 Step 1: What are the trade-offs we face in responding to climate change? What does the Commission propose to do? European Commission experts on climate change, environment and energy will present the context and challenges of EU climate action / ¿Qué concesiones tenemos que hacer para responder al desafío del cambio climático? ¿Qué piensa hacer la Comisión Europea? Expertos de la Comisión Europea en clima, medio ambiente y energía presentarán las iniciativas de la UE para responder a los desafíos del cambio climático

    16:00 Step 2: What do we dream possible that the European Green Deal can achieve? Small Group Work on specific areas of the European Green Deal / ¿Qué esperamos del Pacto Verde Europeo?Discusiones en pequeños grupos sobre diferentes aspectos del Pacto Verde Europeo

    17:00 Step 3: What concrete actions should be undertaken in the context of the European Green Deal? Open Space discussion / ¿Qué acciones concretas deberán llevarse a cabo en el contexto del Pacto Verde Europeo? Espacio abierto de discusión

    18:30 Closing session: Sharing our results for concrete action / Propuestas para acciones concretas

    19:30 Networking cocktail / Cóctel

  • 12 December: 10.30 - 12.00

    12 December

    10.30 Arrival and security check / Llegada y control de seguridad

    11:00 Citizens’ Dialogue with Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans

    A young rapporteur from the previous day’s workshop will present each of the top 3 ideas for EU action developed by the young people during the previous day’s workshop.

    Executive Vice President engages in dialogue with the group on these topics, and the floor is then opened to Q&A. / 

    Diálogo ciudadano con el Vice-Presidente Ejecutivo de la Comisión Europea, Frans Timmermans

    Los jóvenes relatores del taller del día precedente presentarán las tres ideas acordadas durante el taller para un plan de acción de la UE.

    El Vice-Presidente Ejecutivo debatirá con el grupo sobre las ideas prepuestas y contestará a las preguntas de los jóvenes.

    12:00 Family photo / Foto de grupo

Practical information

12 December 2019, 11.00 - 12.00 (CET)
MEEU (Estación de Chamartín s/n, Cota 13 Local 6, Sala DEMO3)
COP25, IFEMA, Agora of the Green Zone, Pavilion 1