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Citizens' Dialogue with Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič and and Jorge Moreira da Silva, Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy


Portugal is on track to meet its 2020 target and has put into place a resolutely forward looking green growth agenda.

- Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič -

A lively Dialogue on Energy Union and its stake for Portugal

Vice President Maroš Sefcovic's "energy tour" stopped in Lisbon on the 2nd of July. In this framework, once again, the Vice President did not limit the visit to institutional meetings with the Government, but was keen to engage in a direct exchange with citizens and stakeholders on their perception of the stakes and of the criticalities of an energy union for Europe.

The Dialogue was staged in partnership with the Minister for Energy Moreira da Silva, who reiterated the importance of the interconnections for Portugal and expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved so far. The Portuguese Government considers energy as one of the key factors to regain competitiveness in Europe, together with the ambitious 2030 targets. It was stressed that, in this respect, Portugal would not fall into the trap of opposing renewable energy sources to competitiveness.

During the Dialogue, the Vice President and the Minister replied to questions from a wide and comprehensive audience composed of representatives of industry, NGOs and civil society. Several topics were raised, including taxation (EU vs. USA), how to get other Member States to commit to more renewable energy, priority to energy efficiency and fossil fuel subsidies. The Dialogue was web-streamed, and hosted both critical interventions and positive enquiries from citizens and stakeholders.

Overall, the Dialogue was very well received by the participants and allowed for a wide dissemination of the Energy Union principles. Last but not least, it offered a clear insight of the extent to which Portugal and the Commission go hand in hand in the implementation of the energy union goals.


  • Director-General for International Cooperation and Development Stefano Manservisi
    Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy

    Jorge Moreira da Silva

Practical information

2 July 2015, 12.00 (WEST)
Fundação Champalimaud
Avenida de Brasília


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    Representation of the European Commission in Portugal

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