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Citizens' Dialogue in Jasionka with Commissioner Phil Hogan

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We have to persuade a lot of countries to put more money in. We did not expect Brexit to happen. This is a real challenge.

Commissioner Phil Hogan

On 23 March Commissioner Phil Hogan met 650 farmers from Poland and neighbouring countries gathered for the European Forum of Agriculture 2018 in Jasionka, Poland. His Citizens’ Dialogue focused on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Commissioner Hogan explained that the EU is now entering the endgame phase in relation to the European Commission's legislative proposal for the next EU budget and the next CAP. In his view the EU policy post-2020 has to remain strong, fit for purpose, results-driven and well -funded.

He acknowledged the strong support for the CAP to remain a truly common European policy – which has been voiced by Poland, the Visegrad four countries as well as by Baltic States and Croatia.

The discussion addressed issues such as the challenge Brexit will pose to the post-2020 EU budget and the efforts other EU countries will have to make to compensate for this budget shortfall.

For participants it was particularly important to hear the details of the new CAP policy in the future, with a focus on direct payments, basic income support and the social, economic and environmental objectives of agricultural policy.

The Dialogue also touched upon other issues like support for young farmers and the benefits consumers receive from financial support paid to farmers.

Participants asked questions about the competition faced by farmers from non-EU countries and the capping of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

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23 March 2018, 16.15 - 18.00 (CET)
G2A Arena Centrum Wystawienniczo - Kongresowe Województwa Podkarpackiego
Jasionka 953,