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Citizens' Dialogue with Lívia Vašáková, Economic Counsellor, European Commission's Representation in Slovakia


On 12 September 2019, Lívia Vašáková took a speaker´s role in the first panel-discussion at the GLOBSEC EUact Transnational Focus Group dedicated to the concerns and expectations EU MS and EU Citizens have of the Union at the beginning of the new political cycle.

Globsec discussion focused primarily on the recent EP elections and subsequent formation of the Commission. Vašáková emphasized the growing interest of citizens in crucial European issues, interest in green topics and more positive approach of citizens towards the EU institutions.

She described a new vision of President-elect Ursula von der Leyen for the next 2019-2024 cycle mentioning the climate change, migration and artificial intelligence as main challenges. Several participants of the project shared their opinion on how they perceive the EU and their future in it; they stated that (cyber)security and fight against disinformation should be an essential part of EU policies.

Generally, a very constructive and positive tone has resonated in the room full of international students from different EU countries. The event showed itself as very interactive and full of innovative ideas and solutions.

Students raised several questions and expressed their opinions on the future of the EU and effective communication between EU institutions and citizens.