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Cities are becoming increasingly attractive and dense but their growth at the same time puts pressure on forests, and the agricultural and (semi)natural land that surrounds them. Urban sprawl and land take can be limited by relying on appropriate spatial planning that is one of the objectives of the Urban Sustainable Development approach. Well-structured, sustainable cities minimize their impact on surrounding areas and limit the consumption of land.

The redevelopment of brownfields rather than expansion into productive agricultural land and green fields helps to reduce sealing and to remediate contamination.

The objective of this conference is to promote brownfield redevelopment as a sustainable strategy to limit the conversion of open space or farmland for residential, commercial, or industrial use, and to protect the environment and human health. During the event, European, regional and local stakeholders will be presenting inspiring policies and good practices, and the potential offered by EU funds will be explored.

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5 April 2019, 9.30 (CEST)