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This two-day event provided an opportunity for a broad exchange of views on the state of agriculture, and the global  issues which lie ahead.

Some four hundred stakeholders took part in the conference upon invitation by the Commission. They represented EU institutions, governments and international organisations, those involved in the food chain, the socio-professional sector, market experts, academics and think tanks, and the broader civil society.

On the first day of the conference, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan and US Secretary for Agriculture Tom Vilsack discussed the challenges facing the farm sector.

In addition, high-level panel discussions took place highlighting the challenge for agriculture to provide food in an environmentally sustainable way while adapting to/mitigating the effects of climate change. The functioning of the food supply chain was also at the centre of the debates. Senior representatives of the European institutions, and leading experts from international organisations participated in these debates.

On the second day of the conference, the EU Commissions' Dpartment for Agriculture and Rural Development presented its latest projections on the outlook for EU dairy, meat and arable crop markets for the next ten years.

Ahead of the conference, the Commission published three publications on food and farming, focusing on Land and Land Use, Jobs and Growth, and Market Safety Nets.

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Practical information

1 December 2015, 8.00 - 2 December 2015, 16.30 (CET)
Room De Gasperi, Charlemagne building