Negotiating directives for a new partnership with the United Kingdom

Press conference by the Head of Task Force for Relations with the UK, Michel Barnier

The Commission adopted comprehensive draft negotiating directives for a new partnership with the United Kingdom on 3 February 2020.

They cover all the areas of interest outlined in the Political Declaration, including trade and economic cooperation, law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, foreign policy, security and defence, participation in EU programmes and thematic areas of cooperation.

It is now for the General Affairs Council to adopt the draft negotiating directives. This will formally authorise the Commission to open the negotiations as Union negotiator.

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Terms of reference

EU and UK negotiators have to agree on terms of reference for the negotiations, which will establish the structure of the talks, including indicative dates and agendas.

EU27 preparatory discussions on the future partnership

The European Commission and representatives of the 27 EU Member States met throughout January 2020 for preparatory discussions on the future partnership. These covered all major areas as indicated in the Political Declaration. The European Commission is publishing these presentations in line with its transparency policy.