Implementing the Withdrawal Agreement requires action at both EU and Member State level.

The Task Force for Relations with the UK has prepared an inventory of all implementing measures and is already liaising on them with the appropriate departments of the Commission and Member States.

Some areas will be particularly work-intensive during the transition period, namely:

  • setting up a joint committee to oversee the application of the Withdrawal Agreement. It is to be composed of representatives from, and co-chaired by, the EU and the United Kingdom

  • creating dispute settlement mechanisms, or arbitration panels, as foreseen in the Withdrawal Agreement

  • implementing the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, which requires unprecedented arrangements in a number of areas before the end of the transition period. This includes, for example, practical arrangements for EU oversight over UK customs authorities on the ground in Northern Ireland, and the operationalisation of tariff exemptions for certain goods imported into Northern Ireland.

  • implementing the provisions on Citizens’ Rights which also require close monitoring by the European Commission.

For the rest, the bulk of the implementation work will take place after the end of the transition period.